My favorite cards are the ones that Willee Worm the Bookworm promotes books and visiting the library. I am grateful to have discovered Willee Worm the Bookworm cards by Alexander Expressions in order to keep delighting my granddaughter and encouraging reading and the important art of written communication between a darling 5 year old and her Nana. The last card I sent was Willee Worm the Bookworm “Likes to Read.” After the card arrived, Lily exclaimed, “Nana, Willee Worm likes to read the same books as I do and he goes to the library too.”

Willee Worm the Bookworm has brought many smiles to my granddaughter and family. I have mailed her Willie Worm cards when she was sick to encourage a love of reading books.” 
A Doting Grandmother

These are the cutest cards! We love sending our girls real cards it is such a big deal to get “big mail” they call it.  We love these unique cards and they always do the puzzle and then carry the card around because they are so proud! We love them.” 
Don and Lisa Mack

“The best fundraiser we have done! No hidden fees.  You simply purchase the cards at wholesale, and then you set the price and sell them however your organization sees fit. We did great and will use this opportunity again!”
Brainstorm Cafe