Finding the perfect fundraising idea for your organization is never an easy task.

When deciding on the perfect product for your sale, consider what you know about your supporters. Make sure you’re choosing a fundraising product that they will want to buy. We create an emotional bond between the buyer and receiver! They will return many times.

Prior to our line of children’s cards, it was almost impossible to find any type of cards for occasions other than birthdays.

These cards are especially great for parents, step-parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, not to mention friends and neighbors!

Willee Worm the Bookworm activity/greeting cards for children under eight can add consistency and a regular flow of cash to your non-profit. Your supporters will love buying these cards because they believe in the work you’re doing and want to help to encourage young pre-schoolers to understand the importance of reading and the doors it can open for them.

Willee Worm the Bookworm promotes reading and learning activities and introduces children into a caring and learning world year around!
These durable and substantial greeting/activity cards for young children are designed with positive, caring, fun, and educational activities.
Cards to remember and to keep, they will certainly be “memory makers’.

Join us in our mission to preserve the tradition of sending and receiving tangible greeting cards to and for our impressionable younger generation.

They deserve to experience what adults and our children were privileged to experience: receiving a card that magically appeared in their mailbox at home. Remember the thrill and excitement your children felt when they saw the mail carrier coming?

Willee Worm the Bookworm recreates that excitement giving them a card personally addressed to them by you. A card they can open, hold, read, write-on and play with. Not to mention the fun of having a surprise learning experience inside each card.

These unique cards will make learning fun! They will certainly be “MONEY MAKER$” FOR YOUR FUND-RAISING.

  • Libraries
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • PTOs
  • Churches
Our Fundraiser opportunities are simple.
  1. Purchase Cards at wholesale price from Alexander Expressions.
  2. Sell the cards at a retail price you choose.   

Must purchase minimum of 6 packages each with 6 identical cards totaling 36 cards and envelopes at our Wholesale price. 
More Card Styles to be released soon!